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What they’re saying

“Petel & Co was completely immersed in the politics of our diverse district — a combination that served our campaign time and again. Their commitment to excellence, accessibility to our team and ability to create a compelling message make them a truly singular force in political consulting.”
— Tessa Gould, Stephanie Herseth Sandlin for South Dakota

“Petel & Co. create outstanding mail pieces but they are more than just mail consultants. They see the big picture and understand the electorate better than anyone. Unlike a lot of other firms, they make you feel like you are their only client. Anytime we needed them — day or night — they was there for us.”
— Mike Mikus, Jason Altmire for Congress

“Petel & Co.’s team is professional and on task. Their work is persuasive and connects with voters. I truly believe they put me over the top in my primary election. After our mail began to hit the mailboxes, our campaign witnessed the undecided voters break our way. Their work is compelling and persuasive.”
— State Senator Lou Gentile, OH

“Easy to work with and politically brilliant, Petel & Co. knows what it takes to win in today’s political world. Their direct mail is unrivaled — no one knows how to deliver a campaign’s message more creatively or more clearly.”
— Dan Herkert, Dave Hylla for Judge

“No one can capture the mood of the electorate better than Petel & Co. Their remarkable storytelling embodied me, my region and the people of my district. They bring a different eye and a different approach to mail. Their strategic minds made the difference in my campaigns.”
— Congressman Jason Altmire, PA

“Petel & Co. has targeting down to an exact science. They were true partners in our ground effort, helping our field team target every last vote needed to win. Their micro-targeting delivered the right message to the right voter every time and made the winning difference for our campaign.”  
— Alexis Tamerón, Harry Mitchell for Congress

“Petel & Co. knows that voters aren’t all the same. Their modeling broke our electorate down into micro-targeted universes, and their strategic mail looked and sounded like each persuadable voter. They helped us create a conversation with voters that made the winning difference in our campaign.”
— Josh Levin, Marylanders for Marriage Equality